Author: Jasmine Duchez

The Best Juicers for Preventing Disease

Looking for the best juicers to prevent diseases. Here is a look at some of the things you need to know.

A tomato can be used in various juice recipes. It is one of the tastiest, cheapest and versatile vegetables. It can be used for the purpose of various health benefits and that is why a lot of people use tomato in their daily foods and juices.

Tomato consists of lycopene which is a form a carotenoid and various forms of research has proven that people who tend to eat lycopene related foods are less prone to heart diseases and cancer. Also another substance known as P3 found in tomatoes is proven to have the power to combat diabetes and also help in the process of blood clot formation. Some of the famous tomato recipes for good health are given as follows:

Straight tomato juice




You need about 2-3 tablespoons of tomato paste to be mixed with water in a blender. Then let the blender operate for a few seconds. You then need to blend until it’s smooth. This is in case if you are cooking it. If you want to have it raw then juice 4-5 tomatoes in a masticating juicer and operate. Raw tomato juice is very beneficial as it provides Vitamins (like A, B and K), Iron, magnesium and phosphorous.

Tomato Carrot juice


Take about one kg of carrots and 2-3 tablespoons of tomato paste. Combine them both into a blender. Then let the blender operate for a few seconds. You then need to blend until it’s smooth. This is the cooking method. In case you want it raw then juice 5 carrots and tomatoes in a masticating juicer and operate. After the juice is properly squeezed out then it is ready for drinking.

Spicy tomato juice



This recipe is for the people who need a bit of spiciness. As the name suggests the recipe is very spicy with a right blend of tomatoes, celery, pepper, an apple, garlic powder, onion powder and some Worcestershire sauce. All these ingredients are then to be mixed and combined in a juicer or blender and wait for the right amount of time for the juice to be prepared. Once it’s prepared the juice is ready for drinking. The various ingredients in this juice if rightly used can be very beneficial to health.

V8 juice


Most of the juicers are well versed with the V8 form of juice. It is basically where all the vegetables are served in the form of juice in one single drink. The recipe is for those who like a lot of variety in their juices. It needs cabbages, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, celery and onion and all of these ingredients are mixed into a blender or juicer. All these are to be mixed in the right amounts so that the taste of the juice is appealing.

The tomato juice recipes mentioned above are all very beneficial to health. However, it must also be remembered that the source or origin of tomatoes is also very important. Whenever possible it would better to get tomatoes from your own garden as they will be fresh and without any chemicals. The other option is to purchase organic tomatoes from the local farmer. Finally, it can be said that tomato juices are very easy to make in the house and are healthier and tastier than commercial juices. Not only do they offer nutritional values of the tomato, but also the various values of the juice itself.

What Juice Recipes is Good For Women for Their Health?

Juicing involves the process of imparting nutrients to the body through the mixture of vegetables or fruits. It is a very efficient process for the purpose of weight loss and increasing the energy of the body as there are many more nutrients which get imparted than through the consumption of solid food. Fruit juice can be described as the cleaner of the body as it contains a lot of carbohydrates, while vegetable juice can be known as the builder as it contains proteins. Thereby juicing is an efficient method which can be used by women to develop their immune system and pack up energy. There are various juice recipes for women. But some of the most effective juice recipes for women are given as follows:

Watercress, kiwi and mint juice recipe


This recipe can be considered as one of the most important recipes for women’s health. It is because watercress acts as a source for Vitamin C, iron, Vitamin E and Calcium. Vitamin C is in abundance in the recipe and is important for protecting the body against infections and giving immunity. The ingredients required for this recipe are 50g watercress, a juice of lime, a juice of orange, 2 kiwis and a mint leaves.

Cranberry juice recipe


The last important recipe is the cranberry juice recipe which can be known as the source of phytonutrients. It is important that the cranberry contains these phytonutrients as it is very beneficial for the body of the woman, so therefore it is advisable not to purchase cranberry from the store or supermarket as these contain added sugar. The phytonutrients are imbibed in the skin and flesh of the cranberries. The ingredients required for this recipe are 4 bowls of cranberries, 1 litre water, cinnamon sticks and star anise.

The above mentioned recipes are instrumental in keeping the good health of women. It should be remembered that one should have around 3-8 pints a day of juice, but this number is not fixed. One can drink according to one’s own desire. Therefore, to make all these juices in a proper manner it is imperative that one should buy a good masticating juicer or blender and one should also drink fresh juice on a daily basis so that a woman’s body may absorb nutrients more effectively.

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How to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Executing new rubrics and setting better goals is significant particularly when a new year is around the corner. Do not overlook the health of your children as you compile your 2017 to-do-list.

The following things will help you uphold the health of your children in the new year:

Teach them the importance of healthy eating

  1. Drinking enough water


Our bodies survive primarily on water and that why you should make it a habit for you kids to drink water more often. To help you kids understand the importance of drinking water, make them look at their pee. That way they will be able to know when to take water. Yellow pee essentially depicts dehydration.

  1. Maintain good air circulation

Fresh air boosts your intellectual abilities and sets in a good mood. Opening your windows permits an ample flow of air. Vents, fans and plants are classified among things that can enhance proper air circulation. The former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World Gigi Lee Chang recommends all these things for the furtherance of good health.

  1. Reduce your kids sugar intake

Healthy child showing his muscles and sitting on a table full of pile of food isolated on white background

According to a report by Dr. Jay Gordon, Sugar binds up antibodies that fight viruses in the immune system. Minimizing your children’s sugar intake will help strengthen their Immune systems. It will prevent you kids from falling sick and improve their health tremendously.

  1. Exercising more regularly

Everyday your kids need to exercise for at least an hour. Exercising is not only good for muscle and bone health but also promotes positive and happy thoughts. Consequently, it presents your kids with more toned bodies and eliminates stress. Regular exercise also edges any unexpected diseases that may arise in future. For children suffering from Obsessive-compulsive disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder ballet or martial arts can help them recuperate their focus or control.

As per Dr. Ratey recommendations, involving them in those two activities will help them benefit in both physical activity for the attention system and concentration. Making you children spend more time on books will not help improve their grades, exercising will!

  1. Healthy eating habits


Children need to be guided on how to eat healthy. They must know the benefits of watching what they eat. Habits can be developed; if you start teaching your kids how to eat healthy at a young age, they will stick by those habits even as they grow older. Make them recognise that healthy foods give them dynamism to keep them active during the day and increase their astuteness. Eating healthy is a lifetime lesson that all parents should impart to their children.

  1. Getting enough sleep

Boy sleeping with teddy bear

For boundless metabolism and a jolly mood, sleep is compulsory. It relaxes your kids’ brain and helps them grow. If your children have trouble getting sleep, advise them that sleep is paramount and that it helps them grow healthy. Cara Natterson, a paediatrician stresses that your kids will get themselves to bed if they understand the benefits of sleep.

  1. The 80-20 rule

As a parent, you can only be able to control 80 percent of what your kid eats. The other 20 percent allows the child to experiment in the real world. You cannot control what your child eats when in school or with friends. Some special occasions also demand foods that are considered unhealthy. The author of the best-selling book “The Unhealthy Truth” Robyn O’Brien tells parents that they cannot be able to control what their children eat 100 percent. Do not deny you children the food they prefer, as an alternative you can supplement it with something close to what they like. You can also cut the intake of the unhealthy foods gradually.